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Special Issue:  Global Climate Change
View from the Chair                      Anita Roddick
Guest Editor
Tipping Point on Climate Change Kaj Embren and Mei Li Han, Respect
Leader to Leader
Climate Change: Will Mankind Manage? Margot Wallström, European Commissioner for the Environment
Fears Are Overblown: Reducing Emissions is Possible and Profitable Michael Northrop, Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Climate Change: A Retailer’s Perspective Anders Dahlvig, CEO IKEA Group
Climbing Mount Sustainability Ray Anderson, Founder and Chairman, Interface, Inc.
Debating Points
Efficient Solutions to Reduce GHG: The Ecological Tax Reform in Germany Kai Schlegelmilch, German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Cutting Emissions: Taking the First Step Jim Fulton, Suzuki Foundation
Core Methodology for Actions
Corporate GHG Targets and Transparency Simon Schmitz, Project Officer, Energy and Climate, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Global Renewable Energy Markets and Policies Eric Martinot, University of Maryland, School of Public Affairs, College Park, MD, USA
Verifying Company Level Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories: An Overview of Current Practices and Issues Brian Dawson and Matt Spannagle, Australian Greenhouse Office
Transport and Global Warming Gases Kenneth Button, Professor of Public Policy And Director of the Center for Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics, George Mason University, USA
Technology, Policy and Climate Change Christian Azar, Department of Physical Resource Theory, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; Björn A. Sandén, Department of Environmental Systems Analysis, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; and Thomas Sterner Department of Economics, Göteborg University, Sweden
The Future of Energy Supply: Civilisation at Risk Jeremy Legget, Chief Executive, Solar Century
Toronto Atmospheric Fund; Philip Jessup, Toronto Atmosphere Fund
The Small Island States: The Challenge of Energy, His Excellency Ambassador Enele S. Sopoaga, Permanent Representative of Tuvalu to the United Nations, Vice Chairman of the Alliance of Small Island States
Energy consumption in existing Swedish buildings can be halved -Åke Persson CEO, AB Fortum Värme, joint owned by Stockholm Stad Olle Ehrlén, CEO, NCC Construction Sweden AB, Lars Rekke, Director General, – The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, Anders Jansson, Group Chief Executive, Stena Metall,
Maria Ågren, Director General, SMHI
Lars Birve, CEO, MKB Fastighets AB, Håkan Bryngelson, CEO, Vasakrona, Per-Uno Alm, Founder of RespectEurope
Case Studies
Severn Trent plc: A Partnership Approach to Reducing Climate Change through Carbon Management Andy Wales, Group Environment and Sustainable Development Manager, Severn Trent plc
California Policies on Energy and Climate Change, Bentham Paulos and Marcus Schneider, Energy Foundation
Climate Leaders: Tracking Corporate Leadership on Climate Change Thomas M. Kerr, Chief of the Energy Supply and Industry Branch, Office of Air and Radiation, United States Environmental Protection Agency
Manitoba: Towards a Climate Friendly Economy Jane Gray, Senior Policy Analyst, Executive Council, Manitoba Government
Climate Change Action at Tufts University William Moomaw, PhD and Sarah Hammond Creighton, Tufts Climate Initiative
Climate Action in the Northeast U.S. States: Can Such a Small Region Really Make a Difference? Kenneth A. Colburn and Kelly E. Levin, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM)
Portland: A Local Approach to Climate Protection Michael Armstrong, Policy Analyst, City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development, USA
The Global Sustainable Energy Island Initiative The Honourable Tom Roper, Climate Institute
Climate Change Policy: Are Governments Getting Down to Business? Kate Hampton, Manager Policy and Markets Research, Climate Change Capital
The Carbon Trust: Low Carbon Innovation at Work, Tom Delay, Chief Executive, The Carbon Trust
NGO Perspective
Long-term International Climate Policies: The Status of the Debate in Japan Yuri Onodera, Director, Climate Change Programme, Friends of the Earth, Japan
Climate Change Networks and Organisation



Welcome to the New Academy Review
The New Academy Review is the international journal which was published quarterly from 2002-2004. It addresses the strategic and policy issues which lie at the heart of the challenges facing business and organisational leaders and managers in the 21st Century. In the Review issues of ethics and values; governance and stewardship stand alongside questions of leadership and entrepreneurship. Corporate citizenship is placed in the context of the sustainability, human rights and equality issues which challenge those trying to build organisations for the future, while  government-business relations; new knowledge economy, marketing, finance and logistics are placed in the context of the contemporary global environment.
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Building Bridges - The New Academy Review is wholly committed to the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience between academics and practitioners
Supervisory Board
Dame Anita Roddick, chair of a Supervisory Board of business, policy and academic leaders from across the world. The Supervisory Board worked with the Academic Editorial Board to ensure that the issues and agenda's address reflected the best of research and experience.
Interviews and Debates
View writings of key activists and leaders such as Lord Brown
e, CEO of BP and interviews such as that between John Pilger and Aung San Suu Kyi.

The Tree of Knowledge
Contributions to the Review web site are welcomed from practitioners, researchers, academics and policy makers. In the emerging global economy we all sit beneath the tree of knowledge and gain from the exchange of our thoughts, experiences and studies



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